Event Route

Meeting/会う: 8:00a.m. - Ricoland Odaiba (ライコランドTokyo Bay)
Depart/出掛ける: 8.30a.m.

We'll be leaving at 8.30am and will need to get organised so please be on time. Also, the run is around 100Km, so please make sure you have fuel (there's gas/petrol nearby):

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First official stop - Daikokufuto PA/大黒ふ頭PA
Arrival/着く: ~ 9:30a.m.
Depart・出掛ける 10.30a.m.

This is a large intersection / service area - there's food drinks and toilets, but be careful of the cars please. We expect to arrive at 9.30am

Where do we decide which orphanage we are going to?

We'll divide everyone up at Daikokufuto. It will be done randomly for the riders without a particular roll at a particular orphanage.

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What happens from there?

We'll be getting off the Shuto at Sachiura, where we'll regroup with the Navi leaders and the rest of each group, and then head to the coast, through the back of Kamakura, then back along the coast to the orphanages. Some may notice there's no NAPS Sachiura stop this year - they're not bad people, just they have a prior business commitment.

Pre-orphanage Pitstops

At these stops, close to the destinations, we'll be calling the orphanages and confirm schedules so we can regroup to get all of the riders into one group to maximize impact for the arrival minimize neighbourhood stress (NO loitering outside the orphanages please!) and to make ourselves presentable!

For those with Garmin Based Navis:

Odaiba -> Chigasaki Farm

Odaiba -> Elizabeth Sanders

For the Elizabeth Sanders Home in Oiso:

View TTR2011 SandersHome in a larger map

For the Chigasaki Farm Home in Chigasaki:

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+++ Make sure you pay attention to your fuel levels! +++

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