Event Rules

Road Rules and Recommendations

Standard Japanese road rules should be adhered to. Please remember we are all there for the benefit of others and lets be respectful on the road and be extra calm with other road users who may get frustrated with so many bikes.

Don't worry about the group getting split up. This will happen. We will try to provide a handout with directions. There is no rush and no need to speed. If you get separated from your friends, check your map to get you back on track, or backtrack a bit and you might see other bikes heading the correct way.

Also, refrain from hard acceleration and then braking hard. This might cause a rider behind you to make a mistake. Staggered formation is safest. Always remember there are bikes around you so don't do anything rash that could cause them or you an accident.

We will have some group leaders. These are volunteers with navigation systems on their bikes. They will have a red cloth tied on their bikes and around their arm, so that you know who they are. Please listen to them and follow their directions.

Remember to allow enough space for emergency braking. Please try to stay in the formation you started out in, and avoid trying to move up the groups. If you do not like group riding, feel free to split off and meet us at the destination.

Obey all instructions from Police or road workers and be extra careful at pedestrian crossings.

Orphanage Rules − Children's Protection

No pictures of the kids. Only authorized Toy Run photographers are to take pictures inside the orphanage.

Do not enter the orphanage buildings other than as invited by staff or to go to the toilet in bathrooms authorised by orphanage staff.

Look out for the kids an if you see anyone acting suspiciously, notify the orphanage staff or the Toy Run staff.

No names or addresses on presents. We will report any such occurrences to the appropriate authorities. No presents that are not suitable for children and teenagers under the age of 18yrs.

Do not leave rubbish at the orphanages.

Drive slowly when entering the orphanage and do not rev your motorcycle engine unnecessarily.

Keep engine noise to a minimum.

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