The Yamanashi Toy Run 2011

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When: Saturday 17th December 2011 - Meeting at 11am

Meeting Point:

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A children's home in Kofu.

What's a Toy Run?

Every December riders all around the world get together and ride for charity in their local communities.

They range from groups of just a few friends to vast gatherings of thousands of riders. All of these rides share a common thread - to give toys, gifts and necessary goods to kids living in public care facilities in their local communities.

There are many Toy Runs in Japan already, some very old and some quite new like the Yamanashi Toy Run.

There is no international organization arranging these events. They are created and run by riders like you!

What’s the Yamanashi Toy Run?

The Yamanashi Toy Run is an event organized by foreign and Japanese riders in Japan, to benefit Japanese children in orphanages in Japan. We hope to encourage riders around Japan to organize Toy Runs in every prefecture, so that orphans all over Japan can experience a day of fun and the friendship motorcyclists show to one another. It is our way to give back to the community and promote friendship between all motorcyclists in Japan. It's the sister event to the Tokyo Toy Run.

Reason: To make Christmas and New Years, a happier time, for children who live in orphanages in Yamanashi Prefecture, Japan.

Who Can Attend

Any rider with a 125cc or larger motorcycle, with the relevant license, who is prepared to buy a present or donate cash to purchase presents. Pillion is OK this year on appropriate bike/license. ETC an advantage. If you don't have ETC, please team up with other riders to make toll payments quicker!

Event Rules

PLEASE READ these rules if you are attending.

Gift Information

All toys must be new and not used or old. Gifts must NOT BE WRAPPED so the gift can be seen to ensure it is appropriate for the kids. If batteries are required, such as with remote control toys, please also provide batteries in sealed pack.


We cannot accept corporate gifts that are branded by the corporation or individual donating such goods. If the branding is limited to small text on the label or bottom of the gift, then it may be possible but you should contact one of the organizers to make certain. 100% of donations are spent on children's presents or the children. We provide receipts or copies of receipts to companies or individuals, that contribute significant amounts. We will publish a list of contributors as they join this event.


Our goal is to promote and help organise/publish information on Toy Runs in Japan. We hope that every prefecture will have strong hearted individuals who are willing to get together and organise such events in their local area.


The organizers of the Tokyo and Yamanashi Toy Runs accept no responsibility for the actions of individuals who participate on the Toy Run. The Toy Run is organized by an ad-hoc committee and with extremely limited resources. If the organization is not to your satisfaction your only recourse is to not participate in the event. If you feel any part of this event is not safe, please notify the organizing committee as soon as you recognize the possible safety issue. Toy Run attendees should have their own insurance to cover accidents or claims they may face as as result of their actions.

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